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What I Don’t Know About You

By February 28, 2018December 5th, 2022No Comments

I don’t know what underwear you’re wearing.

High-waisted cotton for comfort? A thong for seduction?  None….so you have no panty line in your good black pants?

I don’t know how long you brush your teeth.  And what are your reasons? Is it for feeling clean?  Minty?  Or because you’re supposed to.  Do you brush two minutes on the top and two on the bottom?  Do you brush your tongue and roof?  Do you floss?

How do you take care of yourself?  Do you take care of yourself?   Do you take care of yourself as you did when you were newly in love?

Do you have a magnifying mirror? Do you really want to look in it? Do you still shave? Do you have a bikini wax in the summer so you aren’t fuzzy in your one-piece swimsuit?

Do you polish your brown boots or do you put hand cream on the toes so they don’t look scuffed?

Do you mend a broken hem with scotch tape?  Or do you sew it?

Do you remember to put earrings on?  I forget to look.

Do you have your nails painted?  I forget to see.

At night do you use special liquid cleanser and toner and moisturizer?  Or do you just go to sleep because you’re too tired. And you’re not sure it matters.  And you have to take your medicine.

In the morning do you make the coffee in your bathrobe or do you put on your clothes when you get up because you think you should.

Do you wear perfume?  Or was that only when you were young and there was a boy to brush your cheek?

Do you put Jergens on your feet and Q-tips in your ears?

Do you take a bath in the evening with your unguents and candles and think about who you really are. Do you notice how your belly skin looks just under the surface of the water?  Do you touch it?  Lay a washcloth over it?

I’m not sure I really care for myself now.  As I did when I was younger and more aware of my body. More physical.  I take shortcuts now.  Uncertain if the longcuts make any difference.
What do you do?
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