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Hmmmm. Where to start.

Should I mention…

Mary Mott what I wont doI can’t squat.  I enjoy a good conversation with my dog Rosie. I like to sing to Queen in the car.  I gravitate to carbohydrates.  I’m politically and socially liberal. I never look at myself in the mirror with glasses on, so I never see how old I look. I park illegally a good deal of the time. I stay up late. I crave information. I go to lectures whenever possible. I’m self-deprecating. I like houses that are spare.  My closet is messy. I love to laugh. I write so that you can get to know me. I don’t think it would happen otherwise.

I have a daughter who’s an artist, a husband who crafts wooden bowls, a spotted dog Rosie who sleeps under the covers at night, and a lab Emma who spends most of her time in the river.

I’m a baby boomer, live most of the year in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, and part of the year in Sun Valley, Idaho where I raised my kids.

I have four beloved stepchildren with four totally cool partners and six perfect grandchildren.

And I love to write.

For me, it’s the most fun I can have.

I write about what I see….how I feel….what I think we should talk about.

I’ve done humor columns and talk radio shows. And in the last seven years have done three one-women plays. One on my life, “From Where I Sit”. One on aging, “Butter to the Edges”. And one covering all the things we never talk about, “There Are Things I Didn’t Tell You”.

I decided to do a website to put my work out to a wider audience. But more importantly I thought it would discipline me to do weekly blogs. Sort of like the column I used to do.

So here we go. I’ve included videos of my shows as well as scripts from those shows. A cross-section of writings I’ve done covering everything from wiping my dog down with hand sanitizer… to how I really feel about aging. I’ve included my podcasts and an “In the Moment” section which features my posts.

Drop me a line when you have a chance. I’d love to know you’re out there.


Mary Mott Red Nose adjusted
Who is my authentic self?

Are you your authentic self?

First you have to know what this is. The person that you are when you are with your silliest friend? Or the more moderated person that walks through your daily life. You prefer the first, but that’s unfortunately a small percentage of your time. So, your authentic self might just be the more moderate one you spend the most time being. But is that really you?

Do you alter yourself to fit in? Pretend to be the person you think you should be? Of course you do. We all do. But you might have lost yourself in the bargain.

One problem is that there aren’t venues for being your authentic self.

A big cocktail party won’t do it. Too superficial.

A dinner party won’t do it. Too structured.

A meeting at work? Lunch with the school board? Watching Netflix? Nope…

Mary Mott writes | Sun Valley Idaho | Icecream