Emma. So high, she can’t get over it.

Hmmmm. Where to start.

From where I sit…

Should I tell you that when things start to go south, I turn to buttered noodles? Or that after an airplane trip I put q-tips in my ears and pull them out slowly because it’s totally orgasmic? Or that I’m self-deprecating because I feel I have to be?

Or should I mention that I have a daughter who’s a photographer, a husband who built a barn, a dog Rosie who sleeps under the covers at night and a lab puppy Emma, who recently ate the back of my grey chair?

I should tell you that I’m a baby boomer, live most of the year in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, and part of the year in  Sun Valley, Idaho where I raised my kids.

That I have four beloved stepchildren, six perfect grandchildren and four totally cool significant others.

And that I love to write. For me, it’s the most fun I can have.

I write about what I see….how I feel….what I think we should talk about.

I wrote a humor column in the Sun Valley paper for a few years…did a talk radio show as well…and in the last five years have done three one-women shows. One on my life, “From Where I Sit”…one on aging, “Butter to the Edges…and one covering all the things we never talk about, “There Are Things I Didn’t Tell You”.

I decided to do a website to put my work out to a wider audience. But more importantly I thought it would discipline me to do weekly blogs. Sort of like the column I used to do.

So here we go. I’ve included videos of my shows as well as scripts from those shows. A cross section of short writings I’ve done. Covering everything from how I really feel about camping to why I should wear a burqa. I’ve included my podcasts and an “in the moment” section which includes my posts.

Drop me a line when you have a chance. I’d love to know you’re out there. Ok?


Years swept away
Where I live

People don’t look old.

Over the years, I’d wondered where all the people that looked like my relatives had gone.  Stout, red-nosed women with sensible shoes and cotton hose. Grey hair that encircled their foreheads in sturdy, rolled waves.  Men with dented big noses and high-waisted grey pants.  

Daughter Lily who’s a photographer.

Rosie….always silly.