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Here’s What I’m Doing — “At The Moment”

Looking forward to seeing you this evening @thecommunitylibraryketchum ! ...

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LAST CALL // join me tomorrow for my one-woman show at @thecommunitylibrary! If you cannot join in person follow the directions and you'll be able to watch live from your home!

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Have you registered to join me at my one woman show?!

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We're one week out to my one-woman performance at @thecommunitylibrary in ketchum!

To attend in person, register by clicking the link below and you can watch live online by following the link in the description.

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“As I see it” A One-Woman Performance by Mary Mott //

General info
DATE: March 15 | 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
LOCATION: John A. and Carole O. Moran Lecture Hall @the community library
Mary Mott observes. Reflects. Questions.

She writes about things we don’t usually talk about or consider. But she does. She peels away the layers revealing a self that is vulnerable. Unsure. But willing to be the brunt of any issue she stumbles into. And there are many.

What does it feel like to be female now? After 60? What will our children remember of us? Why living in the middle can get us stuck. What an empty house tells us. Grief.

Mary Mott has performed four one-woman shows covering various aspects of her life. Her shows, writings and podcasts can be found on her website: She started writing in college and quickly moved into the advertising business in New York and San Francisco for over twenty-five years. After moving to the Wood River Valley she wrote a column for the local paper originally called “Mindsoup,” and co-hosted a weekly radio show.

This show, “As I see it”, will be a concoction of observations, musings, stories and readings. Please join us. Bring a friend. Run time is one hour. The performance will be livestreamed and recorded. Link forthcoming.

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My holiday chalkboard... ...

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Back to September // I’m on vacation.

It’s September.

I came now because I knew that the world had returned to its post summer routines.

But I have not returned to these things.

I’m on vacation.

Extending the summer. It’s too short.

Adding September helps.

Click here:

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NEW PIECE // Ageism

Do the Rolling Stones have to step aside because they’re in their seventies?

Of course not. They like what they’re doing.

So does Paul McCartney. Van Morrison. Willie Nelson. The list goes on.

Musicians, writers, artists, actors.

They’re doing their own, creative thing. It’s ok to be old.

They’re not doing our thing. They’re not in the “service business”.

That’s usually where ageism raises its nasty little head.

The late-in-life politicians, CEO’s, teachers, doctors, farmers, accountants, judges, librarians.

Hot buttons all.
Find the full read here:

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NEW POST // Female

. . . My friend once took me to a shooting range. I held a rifle under my left arm and aimed at a grey, bat-like target in the distance. When I pulled the trigger, the impact was enough to knock me over. The searing sound pained me. Was I too female to be doing this? It went against everything I felt comfortable with. It was too male. I was too female. . . .

Read the full post here:

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PODCAST // Middle

Listen in and enjoy!

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NEW WRITING PIECE // Living in the middle.

My friend just sold his company and retired.
He replied, “Ok. I’m living in the middle.”

I nodded. I understood.

Or thought I did.

I think living in the middle means staying within the lines. You’ve completed the rudimentary work of the beginning. Haven’t approached the complexity of the end. You’re in the middle.

But the middle, if you’re not careful, can last a lifetime.

It is said that life can be divided into thirds. The first third dealing with childhood and family. The second is that part of your life as professional, spouse, parent. You’re busy.

The final third is tough. Most of us try to avoid it and simply continue the second third. We keep doing a version of the same job. Become a hands-on grandparent. Live on the golf course.

But, it is said, to be truly fulfilled, the final third can’t be a redo. It needs to be about you now. A time of pushing the boundaries. New experiences. New travels. New occupations. New friends. A new understanding of life. Finding out who you really are. . .

Full read click the link!

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Emma ponders the true meaning of Christmas. ...

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family. perfection. holiday season. ...

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from years past. still a favorite memory. ...

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dreaming of a white winter. ...

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NEW PODCAST // The Best Time of Your Life⠀

Click the link in my bio to listen:

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We are all getting back into dinner parties. Of some sort. Often inside. Without puffy coats.⠀


Often there are six to eight invitees.⠀
Six to eight. or more.⠀

Not a lot, really. But just enough to affect the dynamics.⠀

We laugh. We talk about acceptable topics. Or unacceptable. We chime in. We joke.⠀

But at the end of the evening we don’t know the participants any better than we did before the evening.⠀

We might recall that we liked their vibe. Had a positive time in their company. But that’s really it.⠀

We haven’t learned anything. About them… or us.⠀

Consider four.⠀

Last Thursday we had two friends over for dinner.⠀

Read the full piece on my blog:⠀
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NEW PIECE // Artifacts ⠀

The sailboat that I gave to my husband for a wedding gift. He is passing it on now to our granddaughters who sail.⠀


The passage of time.⠀

The kayaks we took to our friends’ house who live on a lake. They’ve been there for eight years now. Just sitting at the dock.⠀

I no longer squat so getting into a kayak is challenging. ⠀

Read the full piece of my website:⠀
#artifacts #newblog #writingpiece #memories #stories #lifetime #marymott #marymottwrites #happymarry #sailboat #sportcar #kayak #collectingdust #generations

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NEW POST // The Best Time of Your Life⠀

We were having a dinner for a friend’s birthday.⠀
“What was the best time of your life?”, she asked us.⠀

We were quiet. How to answer this question kindly. With our spouse at our side.⠀

I immediately went for the wild and crazy times.⠀

“When I moved to NYC!”, I exclaimed. “I was single. Worked in a big advertising agency. Worked long hours and played long hours. Spent every cent I earned. It was great.”⠀

My birthday friend joyously regaled stories of the seventies. She was an only child. So when she finally left home she really spread her wings. Among other things.⠀

My husband espoused, “All of it.” Wow. Good answer. Was that really true?⠀

And our other friend told tales of an international awakening and young love. Oh my. Things we never knew.⠀

Full read here:

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