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My daughter Lily has always been a softie.


She lives in New York now and her “softiness” is really being tested.

She, like many of us, cannot walk past a street person without giving something.  Whether they have one leg or a blind dog or a shopping cart without wheels.

She noticed one day that a woman had set up a homestead outside of her apartment.

Boxes, tarp, rug, cart.  Her place.

It was November.

Lily kept thinking about this woman.  

So she packed up a box of warm clothes….sweaters, pants, socks, mittens…and took it to  her.

The woman studied her.  Confused at first as Lily put down the box.

Then she dove in.  Tossing things everywhere until she came to the socks.  She pulled them out and hid them furtively in her top.  She gave the box and the remaining things back to Lily.

As Lily took the box, the woman grabbed her arm.  “ black socks and gray socks.  They’re what I like.”

Lily left.  Returned the rejected box to her apartment and went off to buy the woman black socks and gray socks.

She returned with a big bag of the requested socks.

The woman looked at her with an intense gaze as Lily handed her the socks.  Was she shocked?  Surprised?  Grateful?  She said nothing.

As Lily turned to go, the woman shouted to her.  “caramel macchiato”!

“Caramel Macchiato”!  

It was November in New York.

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