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September Vacation

By September 14, 2022September 21st, 20223 Comments

I’m on vacation.

It’s September.

I came now because I knew that the world had returned to its post summer routines.

But I have not returned to these things.

I’m on vacation.

Extending the summer.  It’s too short.

Adding September helps.

I have promised myself to leave my to-do list at home.

No to-do lists on vacation.

I will focus on other things.



But not the books that are home on my bedside table.  Book club books.  Heady books I bought at the writers’ conference.  Books that I’m not embarrassed to tell you I’m reading.

I brought none of these.

I brought a lazy beach read about the island I’m staying on.  A gossipy movie star’s book about his glitzy life.  And a romance novel written by a woman I always like cozying up with.

None of these I would admit to reading if you asked me.

They are my vacation books.



Now , don’t be confused.  I can’t draw.  Never could.  But I can see.

And I love taking a pad and following the lines of what I’m looking at.

A wicker rocking chair not rocking.  A garden pot stuffed with edible flowers.  My dog lying by the front door.

I think it brings me focus.  Allows me to quietly be in the moment.



At home, in my studio, at least lately, I haven’t been able to find a thing to write about.

The world has interfered and nothing is funny or meaningful.

But out here, in the middle of the ocean, I am untethered.  It doesn’t matter what I write.  Like this mindless piece I’m writing now about what I’m doing on vacation.

The words come easily.  Because I’m safe.  And, besides, we’re just talking.



At home, I’m always on a diet.   I go out to eat with friends of course.  But then I do a day or two of Lean Cuisines.  Very unhealthy I know.  But I’m counting calories.

Out here I’m not counting.

There are food memories here.  Lobster rolls from the place on the town dock.  Espresso ice cream in a warm waffle cone from the corner juice bar.  Clam chowder from the beach shack.  These are vacation memories I need to revisit each year.  No calories.



I’m trying to savor every little thing I see.  This morning we passed two swans on the pond near our house.  We didn’t pass by.  We stopped. Got out.  Watched.

Yesterday, on the beach, we spotted a seal.  It looked just like our Labrador, Emma.  We sat and stared. Emma the seal didn’t move for a very long time.  She was staring too.

The hydrangeas in the yard are blue. Turning to purple.  Is that the ocean soil or some additive cocktail? I will have to look that up.

Reading. Drawing. Writing. Eating. Seeing.

That’s what I do on vacation.

In September.

No to-do list allowed.

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September Vacation

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