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I Can’t Squat


If you dance to “Louie Louie” at your niece’s wedding, you have to gravitate down to a squat when all the relatives dance in a circle.  I can no longer do that.  I’m left standing.

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Mary Mott's Podcasts
I Can't Squat

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  • Pam Doucette says:

    Hi MAry! I enjoyed spending some time listening to some of the Podcasts I have missed. I truly enjoy your honesty and I am with you on the Squatting! SO August got over busy with weddings in Ketchum, Greenbay (sister #3- her last two husbands had passed 12 and 20 yrs ago and she thought she would never have love or a partner again, but at our mother’s funeral she reacquainted with an old flame who happened to be the therapy dog guy at the Assisted living home she was in!), and another the following week in Oconomowoc,Wi. I ended up doing all the flowers for all three! New career- not. I was hoping we could get you and Gordon over to McCall for a visit or maybe even a dinner out in Ketchum! I hear reservations take more than a few days to make but that may have lightened up now with schools starting. SO drop me a message (208-720-3066) and let us know what your fall schedule is like- most likely back to the east with trees like broccoli changing beautiful colors. But just want you to know we are thinking of you guys! All Best Pam

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