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By November 18, 2021November 23rd, 20215 Comments

We are all getting back into dinner parties.  Of some sort.  Often inside.  Without puffy coats.

We are making up for lost time.

Often there are six to eight invitees.

Six to eight. or more.

Not a lot, really.  But just enough to affect the dynamics.

We laugh.  We talk about acceptable topics. Or unacceptable.  We chime in.  We joke.

But at the end of the evening we don’t know the participants any better than we did before the evening.

We might recall that we liked their vibe. Had a positive time in their company.   But that’s really it.

We haven’t learned anything.  About them… or us.

Consider four.

Last Thursday we had two friends over for dinner.

We skipped what we had seen on the news, were streaming on tv, and talked about our lives.
Tough lessons from the past that you would never share in a group.  How to figure out a new, exciting  life going forward without slipping back into reframing your old life.

I learned more about them in those few hours than I had in the last few years of dinner parties.

And it fed me.

I felt like I had been touched.  Made to think.  Learned.

Not just about them.  But me.

And it connected us in a way we hadn’t been connected before.

I think that with just four friends you lose the feeling that you have to entertain.  Or be entertained.

You are simply experiencing a moment in time together.


Not a dinner party.
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Mary Mott's Podcasts

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  • Suzanne B Mayer says:

    I agree with 4. Turning 75 sort of makes you think about what to do and how not to let these precious moments we have go to waste.

  • Cindy Kirk says:

    This speaks to me. We always prefer having just one other couple over at a time. Just feels more relaxed and intimate. And I agree….you can go a little deeper!

  • I read all three essays just now, Mary. I am glad I saved them for a quiet time. I see a calm pond, a pebble tossed in, the rings the pebble makes on the surface, unbeknowst, I think, to the pebble. Have you ever watched the effects, to see how far and wide the rings move, becoming thinner, lighter, slower and slower as they radiate? This is your gift. Your words drop a small stone and create ripples, opening our perspective, inviting us to look further, wider, broader at what we thought we knew. Thank you.

  • Chris T says:

    I just got back from a long trip this afternoon and, like Elisa (I don’t know you, but you are Mary’s friend so I love you!) have just read all four at once. And Elisa put it brilliantly! Yes, Mary, my favorite pebble, who writing and being send ripples right to my heart.

  • Patti says:

    Hi Mary, Just read your post, “Four.” Couldn’t agree more! Makes me look forward to next time we will be at a “four-top” catching up. It’s been way too long, yet just yesterday. LOVE YOU. Patti

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