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Dead Sea

By June 19, 2017December 5th, 20225 Comments

I recently took a trip to the Dead Sea.


Well, really to Israel.   And the Dead Sea was there.

If you remember your geography, the Dead Sea is bordered by Jordan, Israel and Palestine.  Is below sea level.  Is almost ten times as salty as the ocean.  And you can’t swim in it.  Only float.

I’ve always been curious about this curious, dead, body of water.  Herod built a health resort on it.  Cosmetics are made of it.  Plants and animals can’t survive it.  

I was traveling with a large group of people.  People who’d only seen me in my clothes.  Clothes wisely selected to trick the eye into shaving fifteen pounds from each hip.  Knees and arms covered to lower my mounting chronology.

We were told the only way to experience the Dead Sea….and it’s healthy properties….was to get in it.  

That meant walking uncovered in a bathing suit down a long, exposed path, in size eleven hiking shoes so as to navigate a slippery scramble down rocks and protect your feet from the burning sand. With a group of people. It was 110 degrees.

You weren’t done.  Then you had to cross the wide desert beach like a naked Lawrence of Arabia in a midday light so cruel a “Vogue” model would have looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

So…..did I sit out the Dead Sea float, caftan covered, safe on the shore?  Or bare all?

I watched as most women settled in the shade, stuck to my lawn chair by a society that poo poos dimples below the chin.  A few men ventured forth.

But wait, I couldn’t miss the experience of the Dead Sea. Could I?   When would I be here again?

So I narrowed my eyes.  Mustered my courage. And headed for the water.

You don’t really float in the Dead Sea. That would require some of your body to be under water. It’s more like bobbing. Your body merely skims the top of the water and doesn’t sink in.

If you try to push your legs down and stand up, good luck. The water is so buoyant it doesn’t allow it.  

You truly had to feel it to appreciate it.

I didn’t cover myself in Dead Sea mud as is the tradition.  That would have required too much time on display. Out of the water.

I just stayed in the water and joyously bobbed.  Then bobbed some more.

And I’m glad I did.  To have missed that experience because western society only celebrates the fourteen year old body, would have been a true loss.

And I don’t have time for any more losses.

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Dead Sea

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  • Ann Boon says:

    You have no idea how eagerly I have been waiting for your newest piece. You do not disappoint. When will I ever get to the Dead Sea….

  • Carole says:

    I love you Mary Mott! Happy you are writing again! You are a brilliant writer!

  • Jackie Flanigan says:

    I am so proud of you for bobbing uninhibitedly into the Red Sea!! You will never miss another moment.
    I want some more of those moments with you!

  • Chris Boskin says:

    Such a treat !
    You are a wonderful writer, Mary Mott!!
    Keep em coming!

  • Karen Allen says:

    I LOVE this story Mary. I wish I had been there too and we could have bobbed in the Dead Sea together. Hope you are having a wonderful time at the Writer’s Conference and I love your new web-site and Blog!. xxKaren

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