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Bad Mood

By February 7, 2019April 9th, 2019No Comments

I’ve been in a bad mood for a while.

It started when I fell and broke my shoulder last June.

It still ticks me off when I feel this heavy appendage hanging by my side.

Or when I try to put the cup back on the shelf in the kitchen.

Or attempt to blow-dry my hair.  Heavy, useless appendage.

My husband has Lyme disease.  Taking all these meds that attack the little zygotes in the bloodstream.  They mostly attack him.   He’s not happy either.

My dog Rosie is concerned about her weight.  She’s taken on a tube-like state because I’m not walking her.  The road by our house requires double runner ice skates and I’m petrified to fall again because of the broken appendage thing.  Rosie continues to morph into a tube.

And I’ve stopped writing.

I stopped because I’ve been in a bad mood and nothing is funny.  You can’t write when you’re in a bad mood.

I’m amazed how negative you can be if you set your mind to it.

Donald Trump will be elected for a next term and start another civil war.  The coast states against Ohio.

Miami beach will disappear underwater.

There will be no more post offices, fancy stamps or letters.

We will never hear a jukebox again.

I will forget all of my passcodes and be unable to exist in the world.

The network news will be erased from the airwaves.

People will become fatter.   Feet and ears will continue to grow.

Clones will be everywhere.  Twins will disappear.

Restaurants will close.  Micro-dosing will flourish.

Books will only be available on “Antiques Roadshow”.

It goes on.

Have I depressed you yet?

When you’re in a bad mood it’s good to drag as many people down with you as you can.

“Misery loves company”, as someone once said.

But I don’t love it here. In my negative state. Would like to work my way out of it at some point.

My trainer told me to drink more water.

My girlfriend told me to take vitamin B.

My therapist told me to use CBD oil.

My husband told me to meditate.

Maybe I’ll try all those things.


But I’ll probably stay gloomy for a bit longer.  It’s familiar here.

Tough to change direction when I’ve gotten so darn comfortable.

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